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Observation Tips

Observation Tips !

Posted by afdhal jauhari

In one day when we wanted to carry out an observation, often very much we got many problems. Because of that, today I give several tips that could you applied before carrying out the observation

  • Prepared fully when you will carry out observation in the area that quite far and get the map of sky (the manual or software).Good him you brought the computer laptop by being equipped software you could carry out the simulation be based on the date and time that will be carried out by you.
  • When you used software, the GPS implement will be very useful to meng-input the position and the height inside software so as real-time cataracts chart will be increasingly accurate.This GPS implement was normal also was equipped the electronics compass that will be very useful.
  • Bring the torch and don’t that was too clear (rather overcast). because of our eyes needed at least 30 minutes till one hour to adapt illegally.When when being like this you lighted the very clear torch, for the length of 30 following minutes your observation will not be optimal
  • Determined eyepiece that will be carried by you. Ideally at least one eyepiece could be used to wide-field viewing (the small enlargement) and two or three for the bigger enlargement. When you planned to observe DSO, rarely very was used the enlargement above 100x except your telescope with diameter above 10 inch.
  • The tripod better that as strongly as possible, but considered heavy also.When you used teleskop small (60-80mm the refractor), the photograph of the tripod has sufficed.It would be better if brought light and unified equipment and was often used compared with heavy and sophisticated but made us lazy at using him.
  • In several areas of the plateau like Canning, Sukabumi, and Puncak the temperature tonight until before at daybreak could achieve 15-17 Celcius levels. Planned well outift that will be used by you.
  • Don’t forget to bring hairdryer.Right, why?. Hairdryer must be carried because tonight air was very cold and could make telescope rather dewy.
  • Went on a trip together would be happy. apart from bringing the safe feeling more in the area that was isolated.Astronomy will be more fascinating when more people could enjoy him.
  • Binocular will be very useful to follow sky before used telescope.Several objects will also appear more interesting with binocular because exit the bigger pupil so as the light was stronger.
  • Try to get to use the bag that was waterproof to bring small equipment like eyepiece, adapter, diagonal, et cetera.
  • Bring food and the adequate drink.
  • Bring your personal medicine.
  • When you have been enough familiar with the process of observation, began to observe the sky object systematically.From by hunting totalling possibly the Messier object, planets that circulated during the night, and afterwards big objects that including in New General Catalog (NGC).Apart from that still many others that could you reached. the trip was still long.

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